Carme Ruscadella, An Inspiring CHEF

4 minutes


If you ask us about a person who inspires us, without a doubt it would be Chef Carme Ruscalleda.

A reference point in Spanish gastronomy, which has led her to conquer the palates of half the world. First with her restaurant Sant Paul in Barcelona, and then with Sant Paul Tokyo, which led Carme to be recognized with three Michelin stars and three suns from the Repsol guide, thus becoming the first and only Spanish woman to have this recognition.


Carme Ruscalleda's passion for cooking comes from a very young age. Born into a family of farmers, she began working in the family business at a very young age, where this wonderful chef was first formed. A place where Carme's father sold his preserves, cheeses, wines and sausages.

The first place Carme would open would be in a place close to the business run by her father, an old stately palace, which she and her husband renovated and converted into a restaurant. And that's how her flagship, Sant Paul, was born.

Thanks to her culinary vision, she began to win over the critics in a world ruled by men, but Carme, with her self-taught cooking, managed to impose herself on all of them, and be recognized as one of the best chefs in the world, since only four women on the planet have such recognition.

Her particular style, which mixes the traditional and the modern, maintaining its essence in traditional Catalan cuisine, her careful presentation and concern for fresh and seasonal products, has led the Catalan to be admired by all her colleagues.

But Carme not only dedicates her time to be between the stove. Among her other hobbies is literature, and transmitting her message to people in a simple way, which is why Carme has published no less than 13 books, written over the last 30 years.

Tradition, freedom, imagination, work, perseverance, innovation... are just some of the words with which we could qualify Carme, a Chef who broke boundaries and put herself before the rest of her colleagues, a woman who surprised us, and a woman who still has a lot to surprise us with.