Michelin Star Restaurants in Valencia y Alicante

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Spanish Michelin Star Chefs

Spain is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world. With its picturesque landscape, museums, climate, world-famous football clubs, sunshine, coasts, and gastro-tourism scene, it is no wonder that Spain attracts millions of tourists every year and has become the third-largest tourist destination in the world.

The ultimate experience of a holiday here would be incomplete without experiencing all the exotic and delicious foods, that Spain offers. Boasting a high number of Spanish Michelin Star Chefs, this country has a cuisine that is sophisticated and will please even the most refined palate.  Indulging in it will play a critical role in making your holiday memorable. 

What Is A Michelin Star Chef?

A Michelin star reflects the highest standard of culinary excellence. It is awarded to restaurants for their high standards in eateries. According to the Michelin Guide, restaurants can be awarded one to three stars, with the following classifications: 

  • One Michelin Star: A very good restaurant 
  • Two Michelin Stars: Excellent cooking that is worth a detour 
  • Three Michelin Stars: Exceptional cuisine that is worth a special journey 

While all chefs aspire to earn a Michelin Star, only the absolute best and most elite chefs will be awarded three stars.

Michelin Star Restaurants in Valencia, Spain 

The culinary tradition of Valencia is world-famous, and its dishes are featured in the menus of hotels and restaurants worldwide. Several Michelin-star restaurants in Valencia serve exquisite dishes that will provide you the ultimate experience of fine food and will make you fall in love with their dishes, menus, wines, and atmosphere. World-famous chef, Ricard Camarena, has his signature restaurant here and delivers a high-end Mediterranean dining experience, that will be the highlight of any trip. A true treat is to not only sample the cuisine in these restaurants but to participate in one of the unique eatery experiences that they offer. One such experience is spending the day with Michelin Star Chef Bernd Knoller and even go shopping with him.

Michelin Star Restaurants in Alicante, Spain

In addition to Valencia, Alicante is a destination in Spain that attracts millions of tourists every year. The exquisite food served in luxurious sittings takes your holiday trip experience to the next level. The restaurants here are famous for their high-end food, wonderful ambiance, and traditional dishes and cuisines. Alicante is a city with the highest number of Michelin Star hotels and restaurants. The ultimate culinary experience can be found at Quique Dacosta, where only the finest locally sourced ingredients are used to create Mediterranean dishes that are truly forward-thinking and haute cuisine. Another, culinary experience that you will not want to miss out on is dining at El Poblet. Here you can sample various authentic Valencian dishes, with a contemporary twist. 


For a truly indulgent vacation experience, in addition to eateries, one can experience luxuries such as; Asia Gardens and Thai Spahigh creative cuisineMediterranean CuisineValencian Cuisine with Gastro Cult in Valencia and Alicante in Spain.  

Spain is one of the busiest destinations for holidays, and millions of people visit Spain to enjoy its scenic beauty, excellent climate, fantastic sunshine, historic cities, enchanting small towns, and mesmerizing seashores. Valencia and Alicante are two cities that attract the highest number of tourists in Spain. These two cities are also a hub of Michelin star restaurants and hotels. Gastro Cult is the Spanish marketplace for the exclusive Spanish experience and holidays to Spain. We can assist you with planning your next high-end Spanish experience and offer you custom-made travel proposals. Ensure that you make your Spanish holiday experience memorable with Gastro Cult.