The Most Impresive Restaurants In The World

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Just because the experience that a restaurant offers us goes beyond the food, the atmosphere in which its decoration and style envelops us, takes us even further into the adventure on which our palate embarks.

That is why I want to show you one of the top 5 most spectacular restaurants in the world. So that you can enjoy haute cuisine, at another level.

5) Brasserie 2050 (Amsterdam)


A risky proposition from the future. Built with sustainable materials and committed to a groundbreaking vision that has led it to win numerous architectural awards. It is one of the most spectacular restaurants in the world on many lists. They are self-sufficient and have their own food producers, which ensures us a fresh and tasty food.

4) Nido (San José, Mexico)

Can you imagine dining inside a work of art?

At the luxurious Viceroy Los Cabos resort, parents find this unique restaurant in the world.

Nido took the award for best design from the Restaurant & Bar Design Awards last year.

3) Beefbar (Paris)

With the award for best restaurant restored in his hands, the Beefbar is positioned as one of the most incredible restaurants in the world.

Carried out by the Humbert & Poyet studio, they wrap us up in a world of mirrors, detailed carpentry, leather and art. An experience full of luxury and flavor.

2) Song (China)

This is one of the world's kings of design and gastronomy. The song restaurant has been praised year after year, both for its delicious cuisine and for its spectacular design.

A real icon of architecture and a must for lovers of gastronomy and luxury.

1) SPINE Beirut (Beirut, Lebanon)

Winner of the best global bar in the last edition of the Restaurant & Bar Design Awards.

A unique place in the world, exotic and exclusive. It will allow you to enjoy haute cuisine while having a panoramic view of Beirut.

This fabulous place has become the center point for luxury lovers worldwide. You can't miss it.