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Are you planning a trip to Spain and fancy some lavish lifestyle during your stay?

Do you delight in living beautifully, but don’t have the time to plan an authentic Spanish experience? We have the flexibility to hand-select an iconic adventure just for you

Welcome to Gastro Cult, a marketplace for exclusive Spanish experiences curated for a sophisticated, luxury-loving clientele who demand something more from travel.

Whether your journey is personal or professional, Gastro Cult offers an easy way to connect with top providers in Spanish Gastronomy, wellness, business, and culture

Spanish cuisine is as rich and varied as the country itself. Imagine dining on a private Spanish chateau rooftop or cooking paella with a top Michelin star chef. Sampling tapas at a UNESCO heritage site, wineries visit in the La Rioja region of Northern Spain, or closing the deal on board a private yacht on the Valencia coast. Whatever your unique needs, Gastro Cult deliver highly curated experiences in excellence and exclusivity

Our handpicked collaborations include 5-star boutique hotels, Michelin Star chefs, and some of Spain’s most exclusive travel agencies. Join Gastro Cult and soak in the luxury of Spanish culture.

We'd love to meet you.

Why Gastro&Cult

My name is Maria José Jordá and I would like to give you a warm welcome to Gastro Cult. If you have come this far it is because you want to find out more about us and the reason behind Gastro Cult. I hope I can reply to your questions.

My grandfather Rafael was my inspiration. He studied Industrial Engineering and in a town called Alcoy, in Alicante (Spain), he founded and managed a textile factory.
During the Spanish civil war he managed to be the supplier of blankets for the Spanish state, so necessary for the soldiers. This arrangement meant a lot of demand, which coupled with his entrepreneurial skills allowed him to function well until several years after the war.
My mother has been a tireless worker who has only instilled in us duty and responsibility. I draw inspiration from them every day.

My life story is rather simple, I studied the same as my grandfather, I emigrated to Switzerland attracted by other cultures and languages, and there I developed a special taste for different cultures.
After 20 years living in Switzerland, France, New York and London, I returned to Spain in 2012.
Since then I have always wanted to do something that helps to better understand the culture and way of living in Spain, because I am aware that Spaniards have much to learn but also many stories to tell.

Collaborations are the basis of what we do in Gastro Cult, we highly value our partners who are the ones who offer differential services every day. To them we owe who we are and our motivation to do things better every day.
I hope that in our Spanish Experiences Marketplace you will find the content that motivates you to carry out your next personal story. We will be happy to hear about it if you want to share it.

Where we work

We have offices in Madrid, Alicante and the Basque Country, where most of the team works. We also have temporary talent living abroad, especially in the US, Canada and India. They help us to better understand the vision of Spain from outside and bring us new ideas that allow us to improve what we offer.

Our job is to find those places, experiences and people in Spain that are able to tell unique stories. We contact them and make them part of our mission: "Unique and Memorable stories in any corner of Spain". Our partners are responsible and take care of every detail to make this memorability possible. We also provide the technology that connects them in a truly unique way with the people who visit us.

The golden sha club - gastro&cult hedquarters

Gastro&Cult Headquarters in Madrid - The Golden Sha Club Lounge

The golden sha club - gastro&cult hedquarters 2

Gastro&Cult Headquarters in Madrid - The Golden Sha Club Bocouse cuisine

Who is behind Gastro Cult

The Leading Team

Rafael Jordá

I am a lawyer and I take care of legal issues and audits for Gastro Cult.

In Gastro Cult since 2018

Jaqueline Beucler

I am your private advisor specialized in gastronomy, speak 4 languages and I am here to help you.

In Gastro Cult since 2019

Luis Vañó

I am a group experiences expert, ask me what you need.

In Gastro Cult since 2019

Maria Jose Jordá

Soy co-fundadora de GastroCult y he programado la plataforma junto a dos desarrolladores.

En Gastro Cult desde 2018

Tati García

I am a getaway experiences expert, with good knowledge of hotels and wellness experiences.

In Gastro Cult since 2019

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What customers say about Gastro&Cult

I will give you a summary of our experience, which I will call "relaxed and charming", and this, taking into account the Covid times that prevailed, is a success. The organization and choice of sites, guides and other was spectacular. The places where we stayed were very special, the kind we would never have found on our own. The guides we hired were very professional and very friendly. The reservations were made in order and without surprises, and the direct treatment with the tour manager was very personalized and with a lot of patience, since due to my little availability for my work she was super patient and at my disposal until we managed to make a trip that was so fun and special. Thanks Paloma, we will repeat with you and I will recommend you to my friends so they can enjoy an unforgettable experience

Laura Trives,

Thanks a lot Maria Jose! People have been delighted with the GastroCult event. They really liked the presentation, the menu and the whole cocktail part! I hope to count on you for more experiences, thanks again!

Amparo Martinez Vidal,

Great organization, I booked at the last minute and it was very simple. Every day we had a different experience to remember. I recommend Gastrocult for their selection of plans and places.

Andreea Niculcea,